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Ointment For Burns

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Ointment For Burns

A burn can happen at any time -- when you're cooking dinner and accidentally touch a hot pan or after staying out in the sun too long. Not only can burns be painful but they also require special care. At Walgreens, we offer a full line of products that can help to protect minor burns and promote healing.

Many ointments for burns can be helpful for soothing the discomfort of other minor types of skin irritation like cuts, itching and insect bites. Keep these products in the medicine cabinet and first aid kit so they're there when you need them. Not sure which to choose? Talk to your doctor, spend time exploring the various options and discover which are right for you and your family.

How to Treat Burns

Many doctors recommend cooling minor burns under running water and then covering the area with a sterile bandage. Some doctors also recommend covering minor burns and skin irritations with a layer of moisture prior to covering with a bandage. This can help provide protection and keep them from drying out. Burn ointments are typically formulated with ingredients that hold in moisture and give burns and irritated areas the protection they need to heal quickly.

What's In Burn Cream?

Common ingredients in burn ointments include lanolin and petrolatum. Some burn ointments also contain added vitamins like A and D. Some are also helpful for relieving the discomfort of dry, cracked lips. Read the label carefully to make sure the ointment you're using is safe to use around your mouth.

First Aid Sprays

Minor burns are often tender or itchy. First aid sprays for burns are specially formulated to ease the pain and itching of burns and minor skin irritations. These spray-on products are formulated with ingredients like benzocaine that have a mild numbing effect that helps calm pain and irritation. First aid sprays for burns have an immediate cooling effect on irritated skin so the area feels better fast. Some pain-relieving burn sprays contain natural ingredients like aloe in combination with emollients like lanolin to keep the injured area moist and supple. In addition, some are formulated with ingredients that fight bacteria and help reduce the risk of infection.

Should I See a Doctor for My Burn?

Minor burns can usually be safely cared for at home. If you have a burn that covers a large area of your body, a deep burn or one that's on your face, hands, feet, groin, or on top of a major joint, see your doctor or health care provider right away. Also see your doctor when a burn doesn't heal or if you see signs of infection like redness, swelling or drainage from the burn. Burns can also be more serious for a baby or a child under the age of four and adults over the age of 60 so be sure to seek the advice of a doctor. Always read the directions before using an ointment for burns or a first aid burn spray. Some products aren't suitable for children under the age of two.

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