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Olay Acne

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Olay Acne

Many people battle blemishes and breakouts during their lifetime. For some, it's only an occasional problem while others struggle every day. With Olay Acne products you can take some control back and dramatically improve the condition and appearance of your skin.

How Do Olay Acne Products Work?

Olay Acne products help speed the healing of existing blemishes while reducing the risk of future breakouts. Olay Acne cleansers gently but thoroughly remove dirt, excess oil and makeup to leave your skin exceptionally clean. Salicylic acid assists with removing dead skin cells and clearing out pores.

While people with oily skin and troublesome pimples might not think their skin needs extra hydration, it is a good idea to use an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and doesn't clog the pores. Olay has a selection of moisturizers to keep your skin properly hydrated as you fight breakouts.

The Olay Promise

Olay is committed to developing and producing high-quality, effective products for men and women everywhere. Over 400,000 tests are performed every year to guarantee the safety and quality of all of Olay products. As well as being trustworthy, Olay ensures that its products are affordable so you can give your skin what it needs every day.

A worldwide leader in skin care, Olay has been taking care of women's skin since the 1950s. Olay has always focused on understanding the changing needs of women in order to meet those needs with the help of scientific research and the latest in innovative skin care technology.

The philosophy of Olay reflects the belief that genes account for 30% of the condition of our skin, while our choices and lifestyles affect 70%. Olay develops products in response to issues that influence the health of our skin such as stress, weather, sleep, hormones, diet and sun exposure. This gives you a chance to combat external factors which can have an effect on your skin.

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