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Olay facial cleanser

Try an Olay facial cleanser to keep your skin free of dirt and bacteria. Whether you are interested in a liquid cleanser, facial scrub or facial cleansing cloth, Olay has you covered. Before choosing the cleansing product for your needs, consider your problem areas.

Liquid facial cleansers

If you are interested in a liquid Olay facial cleanser, you have a choice between a cleanser for oily and combination skin, sensitive skin and normal skin. You also have the option of the Olay Pro-X acne control face wash, which contains salicylic acid for maximum effectiveness. Opt for the lathering cleanser if you have a problem with excessive shine.

Quick and easy options for healthy skin

If you prefer a facial scrub, opt for an Olay facial cleanser that is geared towards fixing your problem areas. Other options include a smoothing scrub and a pore minimizing scrub. For a quick and easy cleansing option, try Olay facial cleanser cloths or masks. These facial cloths are designed to cleanse, exfoliate and condition your skin at the same time. Choose from facial cleansing cloths for normal, sensitive and oily or combination skin.