Old Spice Antiperspirant

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Old Spice antiperspirant

Old Spice antiperspirant provides long-lasting protection from underarm odor and wetness. These stick deodorants come in a variety of different scents and styles, so you can choose the option that is best for you.

Antiperspirant styles

Old Spice antiperspirant includes a few different deodorant collections, each with unique characteristics. The Red Zone collection by Old Spice is designed for men who participate in sports or other physical activity. This line of antiperspirants provide 24-hour odor protection and come in sporty scents. Old Spice antiperspirant in the Fresh collection contains scents reminiscent of outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing and surfing. The company's High Endurance line offers fresh and sporty scents and provides long-lasting protection. The Sweat Defense line is intended for people who experience excessive sweating. You can also choose classic Old Spice antiperspirant, which comes in the original scent many men are familiar with.

Choosing and using deodorant

Old Spice antiperspirant provides sufficient protection to last all day long, even when you are engaging in heavy activity and sweating heavily. These products also work overnight while you are asleep. Antiperspirants work by killing odor-causing bacteria and reducing sweating in the underarm area. Some Old Spice antiperspirant varieties are in stick form, while others are in a soft solid form that is dispensed through holes on the dispenser surface. Deodorant works best when used in conjunction with other personal care products, such as soap, body wash, or shower gel.