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Old Spice Pure Sport

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Old Spice Pure Sport

Every man should take his grooming seriously, but that doesn't mean that you can't also have a great time looking, feeling and smelling good. The Old Spice Pure Sport offers a new direction for men who want to be their best, with just a little fun added to the mix. Sure, the original Old Spice scent is a classic, and aren't we all glad for that? After all, if your grandfather hadn't used it, you probably wouldn't be here, now - but having some new options is always a good thing, too. Don't you think Granddad would also have used Old Spice Pure Sport if he'd had the chance?

Dangerously Awesome

The challenge is simple: Just because you sometimes smell like a guy doesn't mean that you can't smell like a guy. Confused? Of course not, because you know the difference between hitting the winning home run after two hours in the hot sun and being the home run hero at the victory party after using Old Spice Pure Sport body wash, shampoo and deodorant. It's the difference between being able to fix a damaged nuclear reactor with nothing but a fountain pen and a television remote and saving a frightened blind puppy from being hit by a runaway train. And you can do both, darn it, just not at the same time. But you can look and smell great all the time with Old Spice Pure Sport.

Choose Your Weapon

The line of Old Spice Pure Sport offers you an entire range of body washes, antiperspirants, deodorants, body sprays, shampoo and conditioner combinations, aftershave and scents. In short, with these in your shower, your medicine cabinet, your gym bag or the glove compartment of your rocket sled, you will be unbeatable. Use them to fight skin-clogging dirt, to wrestle body odor to the mat, to smack unruly hair upside the head and to speak sternly to freshly shaven skin. With the fresh, clean scent of Old Spice Pure Sport, you'll smell like victory.

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