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Oral analgesic

Oral analgesic products are used to temporarily relieve mouth pain. These medicines only offer short-lived relief, but the pain relief is highly effective for that limited period of time. You might choose to use an oral analgesic to ease a toothache, gum pain, tooth pain, or canker sore.

Pain relief

Oral pain relief typically works quickly, easing the pain within seconds. These medications are generally in gel or liquid form. Oral analgesic can be applied directly to the painful area from the tube or can be squeezed onto a clean fingertip and applied using the finger. Some forms of oral pain relief are designed to ease pain in the throat as well as the mouth. This type of oral anesthetic usually comes in a spray or lozenge that can easily coat the interior of the mouth and throat. The main ingredient in most oral analgesics is benzocaine.

Oral pain medication

Oral pain medication is intended to be a temporary measure, not a permanent solution for mouth pain. You should not use oral analgesics continuously, but should consult a dentist if mouth pain persists. The anesthetic effect of tooth gels only lasts a few minutes, so these products may not be strong enough to handle severe mouth pain. Adult oral analgesic should not be used for teething pain in infants or young children. Special infant teething gels with a lower concentration of the active numbing ingredients are available for this purpose.