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Oral B toothbrush heads

A power toothbrush efficiently and effectively cleans your teeth. It can clean even those hard-to-reach areas, eliminating plaque in between your teeth and in the corners of your mouth. When an Oral B power toothbrush is a part of your daily dental hygiene routine, you want to ensure that your brush operates at maximum efficiency every time you use it. Regularly replacing the brush head maximizes the effectiveness of your Oral B power toothbrush, no matter the style of brush you use. Oral B toothbrush heads last about three months, so you will want to replace the heads about four times a year to make your toothbrush operate at maximum capacity. Simply look to the indicator bristles to determine when it's time to replace your toothbrush heads. The bristles will fade as you use them, and at around the three-month mark, they will fade to about halfway down the bristle. When you notice the fading, it's time to stock up on Oral B toothbrush heads from Walgreens.

Styles of toothbrush heads

Oral B toothbrush heads come in a number of styles, allowing you to find one that suits your toothbrush and your unique dental needs. If you have sensitive teeth, opt for toothbrush heads with soft bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums. Other Oral B toothbrush heads are round, modeled after professional dental cleaning instruments, allow them to deeply penetrate to remove plaque and buildup, even between your teeth. These toothbrush heads also come in styles that feature precision bristles, which gently but deeply cleanse your teeth for a brighter and healthier smile. Some brush heads are designed to move when powered by your toothbrush. This style features dual rotating heads that work to polish each tooth. Oral B is a leader in power toothbrushes, and when you invest in this style of toothbrush, you want to ensure it works its best. Having a supply of toothbrush heads on hand allows you to keep your Oral B toothbrush operating properly. With a number of styles available at Walgreens, you are sure to find the toothbrush head that works best for your dental hygiene needs.