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Organic Baby Oil

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Organic Baby Oil

A baby's skin is fresh and new, making it soft and extra delicate. Your little one requires a healthy skin care routine to help ensure that his or her skin remains free of irritation that can lead to discomfort. An organic baby oil product can play an important role in your baby's daily skin care regimen. At Walgreens, we have an assortment of options from which to choose.

The Many Benefits of Baby Oil

Baby oil has been used to care for the skin of generations of babies, and pediatricians still recommend its use today. The purpose of baby oil is to provide hydration for the skin. Regular moisturizing is important for everyone's skin, but for babies, it is especially essential. Their delicate skin must receive regular lubrication to keep it protected and fight dryness. Baby oil can help to provide hydration in a form similar to skin's natural oils. Baby oil can be applied all over the body after bathing to reduce the risk of dry skin. It can also be used as a spot treatment on patches of skin that are dry and rough. Some people even add a few drops to babies' bathwater to condition the skin during bathing. It can also be used on the hair. The oil isn't just for babies either. Adults can also use baby oil as a beauty product and to care for dry skin.

What Makes a Baby Oil Organic?

Organic baby oil formulas are different than traditional baby oils due to the ingredients that they contain and the way in which they are manufactured. For a baby oil to be considered organic, it must be accredited or certified by a third party. There are more than 90 groups that offer organic certification based on their own criteria. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is one of the largest certifiers of organic products. If a baby oil is USDA-certified, at least 95 percent of its ingredients are natural and were grown without exposure to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. In addition, USDA-certified organic baby oils must be manufactured without irradiation, genetic manipulation or exposure to sewage sludge. Baby oils approved by other certifying groups and organizations may have different characteristics. Researching the certification criteria used by the group will help you determine just what makes the product worthy of the organic label.

Why Choose Organic Baby Oil Formulas?

There are many reasons why you might choose to purchase an organic baby oil for your baby's skin care regimen or your own. Individuals with highly sensitive skin may benefit from organic baby oil. These products often contain fewer chemical residues than even ordinary natural baby oil products. It is often the synthetics found in skin care products that trigger reactions. For some people, the decision to opt for an organic baby oil is purely one of conscious. Some people prefer to use as few chemicals in their daily lives as possible. They may also believe that organic products are friendlier to the planet since their ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. Whatever your reason for choosing an organic baby oil, you'll find a variety of options at Walgreens.

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