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Orthopedic Ankle Stabilizers

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Orthopedic ankle stabilizers

The support and protection of orthopedic ankle stabilizers can help you walk or take part in athletic activities more comfortably. Choose the support that is right for you, whether you need the rigid control of an ankle stirrup or a more lightweight ankle stabilizer. Some orthopedic ankle stabilizers from brands OTC, FLA Orthopedics and OTC Professional Orthopaedic can be used on either foot, while others are made specifically for the left or right ankle.

Finding your ankle brace

Choose the right orthopedic ankle stabilizer size for a proper fit. Some ankle supports are made to fit certain shoe sizes, while for others you need to measure your ankle to find a corresponding size. Lace up ankle stabilizers can offer a snug fit, and can be made with comfortable materials that fit inside many athletic shoes. Other support is available from ankle wraps that are lightweight and thin, but can still help support the ankle and foot.

Other types of support

You can also browse the sports and fitness section of our health and well-being department, where you'll find other types of[braces and supports. We carry knee braces, thigh braces and braces for the wrist in addition to shoulder and back support. There is also fitness equipment, workout accessories and sports nutrition to help you stay active.

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