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Strengthen your bones and stave off the ravages of age with Os-Cal calcium supplements. Os-Cal comes in several different varieties, but they all provide the vital nutrient calcium. Os-Cal Vitamin D tablets provide calcium plus a dose of vitamin D, which helps the body absorb the calcium better. Os-Cal chewable tables are much easier to swallow, and Os-Cal Ultra provides a range of additional nutrients in addition to the core calcium component.

Build your bones

Although you can get calcium in milk and other dairy products, you need to consume these calcium sources consistently to reap the benefits. You are constantly losing calcium from your spine, hips and wrists, and taking Os-Cal chewable tablets helps replace that nutrient. Choose Os-Cal vitamins to meet your nutritional needs, whether you are in need of vitamin D, extra minerals or just the calcium itself. Taking calcium supplements gives your bones the nutrients they need to support your body for many years to come.