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Pairs of sunglasses

Having several pairs of sunglasses ensures that you have the right pair to match any outfit or occasion. Metal sunglasses provide a polished and refined look while plastic sunglasses are both attractive and sturdy. With so many colors and frames to choose from, you are bound to find the perfect look and fit for both men and women.

Specialty sunglasses

If you want optimal clarity while blocking your eyes from UV rays, opt for HD vision sunglasses. Driver's sunglasses are great for the road, as they reduce distracting glares. If you wear prescription glasses, clip-on sunglasses can provide the protection you need without limiting your vision. Kid's sunglasses offer fun designs while also protecting a child's vision.

Safety glasses

For ultimate UV protection, select a pair of Solar Shields. Their frames curve inward to reduce the gap between your face and the lenses, preventing sunlight from peering in through the sides. Consider a pair of sports sunglasses for running, playing soccer, and exercising outdoors. For ultimate glare reduction, select polarized lenses. Regardless of your needs, Walgreens.com will have many options for you to choose from.