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Pantene Conditioners

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Pantene Conditioners

Pantene conditioners help to keep hair smooth, silky and easy to manage. At Walgreens, we stock a range of Pantene conditioners that can cater to all hair types, including colored or curly hair. Whether you want to add volume to fine, limp hair or tame frizz, these conditioners can help. Pantene has a long history of creating products that help promote beautiful hair.

How to Choose a Pantene Conditioner

The best Pantene conditioner for you will depend on your hair type and your personal grooming routine. Pantene offers a range of moisturizing conditioners that are suitable for daily use. These conditioners contain ingredients that help to strengthen hair and lubricate the individual strands, so that they can easily slip past each other without tangling. Choose a conditioner that is suitable for your hair type, whether you have hair that is colored, permed, or prone to dryness. Using a conditioner that is designed for color-treated hair could help your color to retain its vibrancy for longer periods of time between color treatments.

Conditioners that Fit Your Lifestyle

If you are the kind of person who doesn't have a minute to spare in the morning, then a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner provides both the cleansing power of shampoo and the moisturizing benefits of conditioner in a single product. For people who need a little extra help when styling their hair, a conditioning spray could be the ideal solution. Simply spray this product onto wet hair to separate strands, allowing you to quickly detangle your hair so that you can mold it into any style you choose.

Hair Innovation

Since 1945, Pantene has been creating products that support the natural health and beauty of hair. In the earliest days, Pantene hair products used the moisturizer panthenol to hydrate and protect customers' tresses, and it was this incredible ingredient that gave the company its name. Since 2012, the Pantene Hair Research Institute has brought together scientists and beauty experts to develop new hair care products. Pantene's philosophy is to improve the appearance of hair by supporting its health, as evidenced by the brand's tagline, "Hair so healthy it shines!"

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