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Panty Hose Stockings

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Panty hose stockings

Whether you need medical stockings or regular body shaping pantyhose to wear with a skirt or dress, you'll find plenty of panty hose stockings here at Shop from the comfort of your home for support stockings from brands such as Futuro, Truform and Jobst. Also choose from panty hose and tights from No Nonsense, L'eggs or Just My Size.

Beauty or well-being

Panty hose stockings for women come in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles. Need a little extra support? Try control top or body shapers to help smooth and shape. Sheer and ultra sheer panty hose are designed to be nearly transparent. Knee highs are perfect for wearing with pants or long skirts, while [footies] can help prevent rubbing and blisters if you wear them with certain shoes.

If your healthcare provider has recommended support stockings, you'll also find a variety of colors and styles for men and women. There are compression stockings for women that look just like regular panty hose but offer compression to help relieve symptoms of varicose veins and minor swelling. Anti-embolism socks come in knee and thigh high lengths, various colors, different levels of compression, and closed or open toe styles. Support knee highs, thigh high stockings and men's support socks are here too.

Stocking accessories

If you need assistance putting on your panty hose stockings, try one of the accessories for putting on stockings available. There are different styles of stocking applicators to help you put on your socks without having to bend over. One aid sits on your floor and the other is a tool that extends your reach. We also carry telescopic shoe horns and other daily living aids to help you with mobility needs.

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