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Paraben Free Body Lotion

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Paraben Free Body Lotion

Your skin requires nourishment and moisture all the way to your toes, and body lotion can help to supply the skin-healthy nutrients and hydration that the tissue requires to remain soft and silky. If you're in need of a body lotion but are looking for a formula that is free of parabens, Walgreens can help with a wide assortment of paraben free body lotions.

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are a type of chemical preservative. Introduced to the skin care industry during the 1950s, this class of ingredients is used to help prevent products from separating and spoiling in order to extend their shelf life. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies parabens as generally safe, and the ingredients are highly effective and rather affordable. As a result, they are used in thousands of consumer products, including skin care formulas.

Gentle, More Natural Options for Body Care

While parabens are generally well tolerated, some people with sensitive skin find that they are unable to use products that contain any ingredients of the paraben class. Paraben free body lotions are perfect for such individuals, as they provide moisturizing benefits without the preservatives that could trigger hypersensitivity reactions. In recent years, people without sensitive skin have also started showing interest in using organic and paraben free body lotions. These individuals are typically part of the growing green movement, a group of people who are interested in leading more natural lives. For them, paraben free body lotions are more conducive to their lifestyles, as they contain fewer chemicals. Some paraben free body lotions are even naturally based and use ingredients found in nature as preservatives.

Choosing the Perfect Lotion

To meet the needs of those looking for paraben free products, many manufacturers of body lotions offer different types of formulas without the use of these preservatives. Some products are intended for use from head to toe while others are made specifically for the hands. You can find body lotions in tubes, jars and pump bottles to meet your needs, and there are formulas that provide extra ingredients to address specific skin care concerns. For example, if you're suffering from itchy skin, you may choose a paraben free body lotion that is medicated or that contains natural skin soothers like aloe vera. You can also find body oil and cream formula beauty products.

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