Perfumed powders

Perfumed powders combine the comfort and absorbing powers of powder with your favorite designer scent. Pamper yourself with our selection of perfumed powders, or pick some to send as a gift to someone you love. has perfumed powders from scents like Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds and Passion.

Using scented powder

Our perfumed powders come with applicator pads that make it easy for you to put on just the right amount of powder to feel refreshed. Dip the applicator in the container of powder and rub it gently onto your skin. The light coating of powder will absorb perspiration and leave behind a lasting hint of your favorite designer perfume. You can apply perfumed powder after you finish showering and drying yourself in the morning, and you can dust some lightly onto your neck or the backs of your hands during the day. You'll love the way it makes you feel, and be pleased by the gentle scent of your favorite perfume.

Choosing perfumed powders

If you're not sure which of our perfumed powders is right for you, check the description of each scent on this page. We have powder scented with a popular, gentle floral perfume, as well as a bolder floral perfumed powder and a body powder with a great combination of woody and oriental notes. Our budget-friendly perfumed powders are a great way to experience a perfume you haven't tried before.