Permanent Brown Hair Color

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Permanent brown hair color

Permanent brown hair color will give your hair a whole new look. Whether your goal is to cover gray hair or change your look entirely, permanent color is an ideal selection. carries permanent hair color kits from respected brands like L'Oreal, Clairol and Revlon.

Hair color types

You can find permanent hair color in a variety of application styles. You can choose from a traditional permanent brown hair color application or a thick creme hair color that stays in place without streaking. Both applications are ideal methods to perfect your hair color at home. If you have already been using a brown hair color, a root touch-up kit will help you keep your color looking new without having to treat all of your hair again. Apply hair color carefully to protect your clothing and skin. The application instructions can vary with each brand, so read the package instructions carefully before you apply your hair color.

Other hair color options

When you want a different look without changing your color completely, consider adding hair highlights that complement your hair color without altering it. Using a highlight kit, you can add additional color tones and brighter sections where the light would naturally reflect off your hair. Select a highlight shade that blends well with your permanent brown hair color for a natural look. Highlight kits are available in cap-style and foil highlight applications. Choose a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to help keep your color looking bright.