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Permanent Red Hair Color

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Permanent red hair color

Permanent red hair color can be used to change your look or enhance your natural red hair. carries a wide range of different shades of permanent red hair color, so you are sure to be able to find the perfect shade for you.

Choosing red hair dye

Red hair dye comes in many different shades, and deciding which one to use is a personal decision that should take into account your natural hair color, your skin tone, and the ultimate effect you want to achieve. If you have gray hairs, permanent red hair color can help cover up the gray and bring new life to the look of your hair. Some shades of red have a coppery tint, while others tend toward a burgundy or auburn color. Different varieties of red hair coloring include different ingredients, as well. Some of these ingredients add highlights or shine to your newly dyed red hair. Others provide nourishing hydration that keeps strands moisturized during and after the coloring process.

Caring for dyed hair

Because permanent red hair color can dry out your hair, you might want to opt for a hair dye that has protective ingredients or contains a serum that can help prevent damage. Most hair coloring products come with a color-protective conditioner that makes the color last longer. You can also use shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for people with red hair. Pigment-depositing shampoos lay down extra red pigment to enhance your dye job. After using permanent red hair color, you should treat your hair gently to discourage breakage.

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