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Pick combs

Keep your hair stylish and under control with a selection of pick combs. Available in an assortment of shapes and widths, these hair care items can help you get the perfect look. While brushes smooth and untangle your hair, combs lift and separate it. You can also choose a prepackaged assortment or select them individually. Stashing an extra comb in your purse or pocket allows you to fix your style at any time.

Comb styles

A wide-tooth comb glides through thick hair, whereas a fine-tooth comb is more suitable for fine hair and intricate styling. If you can use both types of pick combs, opt for a double-sided or all-purpose comb with different tooth widths. A tail comb features a narrow, tapered handle, allowing you to use the handle as well as the teeth for styling your hair.

Comb Materials

Pick combs are made of different materials. Use a hair pick if you have exceptionally thick or curly hair. They can help you with tangles and add volume when you style with product. Plastic combs work for most hair types but may be more suitable for finer hair than metal picks are. Opt for a flexible comb if you need to remove tangles gently.