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Pillow Wedges

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Pillow Wedges

While most standard types of furniture might seem comfortable at first, they are rarely built to be ergonomically beneficial. From chairs to beds, you'll often find that spending multiple hours in the same position can leave your back or neck in pain. Lying flat all night might also exacerbate symptoms of acid reflux (a condition where stomach acid leaks back into the esophagus). You may be able to get some relief with the use of a pillow wedge. Here at Walgreens, we have several different types of pillow wedges that are each designed for different ergonomic purposes.

Pillow Wedges for Back Pain

While most chairs feature flat seats and backs, your spine is naturally curved. Many people find, therefore, that they need a special type of seat cushion in order to properly modify their posture for optimal comfort. Pillow wedges that adjust to your individual body type can help take some of the pressure off your tailbone and provide lumbar support, in addition to encouraging you to sit up straight. Some of these pillows are made from memory foam designed to conform to your body. Used consistently at home, work, and/or in the car, these types of wedges may help relieve some of your back pain. Along the same lines, wedges that raise your legs slightly while you sleep on your back may improve circulation and ease back pain by allowing your spine to relax. Often, these types of wedges can be an optimal first step to try if you have back pain but don't want to resort to more extreme treatments.

Do Pillow Wedges Help with Acid Reflux?

Often, the simple act of lying flat can make acid reflux act up because your stomach is on the same plane as your esophagus, which allows the acid to back up. By adding a pillow wedge underneath your upper body, however, you may be able to use the force of gravity to keep stomach acid down. Many people find that adding a wedge allows them to sleep more soundly and may help relieve common reflux side effects like sore throat and coughing.

In addition to pillow wedges, you can also find covers and accessories here at Walgreens. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your concerns and ask if pillow wedges are a good option for you.

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