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Pilot pens

Pilot pens use the latest in ink innovation and design technology to provide you with a superior writing experience. Pilot's thermo-sensitive gel ink formula ensures your words flow smoothly onto the page and the ink stays sharp and legible through changes in temperature. Pilot pens are designed to positively impact what you write and the way you write it.

Disposable pens for a superior writing experience

This innovative line of disposable pens features an exterior design that is structured so the pen rests comfortably in your hand. The body of the pen is wrapped in a contoured rubber grip, so the pen will not slide through your fingers or cause chaffing when you end up writing for an extended period of time. Pilot pens use a special gel ink formula that ensures the point of the pen flows smoothly over paper. With this comfortable exterior design and the gel ink formula, writing will never again be a chore that tires out your hand.

An assortment of features to fit your writing style

Pilot pens come in point thicknesses from a medium point to an extra-fine point, so you can select the type of writing instrument that suits your style of penmanship. The functional pen design features a retractable point so there is no pen cap to lose. Pilot pens come in an assortment of ink colors, including popular black and blue pens and specialty pens with red and green ink. You can select a package that has multiple pens in one color or a multipack of pens in an assortment of colors.