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Plastic Reading Glasses

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Plastic reading glasses

Plastic reading glasses come in a big selection of styles. You'll find frames to suit your face shape and personality, plus strengths to meet your specific vision needs. Walgreens carries reading glasses from brands Foster Grant as well as glasses cases and other accessories.

Eyeglass strength

Finding the right strength is one of the most important considerations when trying to find the right pair of plastic reading glasses. Although most plastic reading glasses are non-prescription, there are different diopter strengths that typically range from 1.00 to 3.25. Non-prescription reading glasses with a 1.00 diopter strength are suitable if you have trouble reading very fine print and need extra magnification. Reading glasses with a 3.25 diopter strength provide strong magnification and are suitable if you struggle to decipher large print. There are strengths to improve your vision when reading the newspaper, enjoying a good novel, checking the fine print on labels or just going about your everyday routine.

Choosing reading glass styles

Plastic readers can add a touch of style to your collection of accessories. Fashion reading glasses come in a variety of colors, adding a pop of gold, purple, red or blue to your everyday ensemble. If you prefer a more basic pair, there are plastic eyeglasses with subtle, traditional frames and classic colors such as black or brown. Reading glasses with loops allow you to easily carry your plastic reading glasses with you on the go, reducing the risk of misplacing your glasses when you need them the most. Some plastic reading glasses also come along with cases, keeping your glasses safe when not in use.

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