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Playing Cards

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Playing Cards

When people get together for an evening of neighborly fun, when children are bored from having to stay inside on a rainy day, when time drags - what better opportunity to bring out a deck of cards! For hundreds of years, playing card games have been a fun, favorite means of entertainment for friends, family or just yourself. Playing cards come in all types, including standard decks and Pinochle sets, bridge size, large print and colorful special edition decks with various themes on the back. When it's time for the next Thursday afternoon bridge party, the neighborhood Tuesday poker night or a children's indoor weekend, keep a few fresh, crisp decks of playing cards on hand.

Hundreds of Card Games

From the classic game of bridge that still holds sway over so many players, to the very dedicated students of Pinochle, gin rummy fanatics and, of course, the excitement and competitive nature of poker, there are so many games from which to choose. Even if you feel like just spending some time alone with a deck of cards, there's always the seductive attraction of solitaire - and Hoyle, the expert source of card game rules, recognizes 45 different varieties of the game, so you'll never be bored. Children love card games, too. Who can forget the fun of Crazy 8s, Go Fish, Old Maid or Hearts? It's not just fun. Card games can help young minds develop memory, focus and reflexes, as well as teaching them about friendly play and interacting with others. Family get-togethers and quiet evenings present a great time for adults and kids to play a few games together.

A Variety of Cards and Supplies

Deal something different: special theme playing card decks have fun, colorful designs on the back. For games that require two decks at a time - such as progressive rummy, canasta or double solitaire - buy a double-deck set, so all the cards are equally fresh. Large print cards are a great aid for people with limited sight. Oversize cards are easier to handle and playing card holders are also great for people who have difficulty with their hands.

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