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Playtex Nipples

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Playtex Nipples

Feeding your baby should be an enjoyable experience for your youngster. The right bottle nipple can help simplify your feeding experience, whether you are giving your baby formula or expressed breast milk. Playtex, a leader in the baby industry, offers a variety of nipples that can help you meet your little one's needs. Finding the right size, style, and flow for your baby can help make your next bottle feeding a truly enjoyable experience.

Features for Your Baby

Playtex offers a number of unique features that make bottle nipples ideal for your baby. First, many Playtex Nipples are made of a durable yet soft silicone, which holds up well meal after meal. Several nipple styles suit babies of all ages and sizes. A baby that switches from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding may desire a nipple that mimics the breastfeeding experience. A slow flow nipple, in this case, may be ideal for the breastfed baby who is used to needing to latch and suck. These nipples will mimic baby's latch onto the breast, making the transition from breast to bottle and back again a successful one.

Medium and fast flow nipples may be ideal for older babies who are capable of taking in more milk or formula with every suck. No matter the nipple speed you choose, Playtex Nipples feature innovative designs to improve your baby's comfort when feeding. The Playtex VentAire system, which you can enjoy when you pair Playtex Nipples with bottles from the brand, vents air through the back of the bottle, rather than through the nipple. As a result, your baby can take in less air when eating, which can help minimize gas, colic, and spit-up.

Available Products

You can enjoy these features of Playtex Nipples when you make your purchase at Walgreens. Several options are available. Many Playtex Nipples come with an included bottle, meaning you will have everything you need to feed your growing baby. You can purchase single bottles and nipples, multi-packs, or complete bottle feeding sets, which include bottles, nipples, bottle caps, and more. Alternatively, if you know the type of Playtex Nipple that your baby prefers, pick up the nipple alone at Walgreens. Regardless of the product you choose, your Playtex Nipple purchase can prepare your family for a successful feeding.

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