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Polo Cologne

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Polo cologne

Available in different varieties, choose your favorite Ralph Lauren Polo cologne from our selection here at From Polo Explorer to Polo Red, White & Blue, you can find the colognes that work for day, night or special occasions. Shop for your favorite Polo cologne from the assortment of Polo Blue, Black, Sport and the original Polo.

Finding your fragrance

When you're trying to decide which Polo cologne is the right one for you, look at the fragrance notes to find appealing scents. Classic Polo cologne includes leather, tobacco and wood notes for a natural, masculine fragrance. While some Polo colognes for men have notes of spice and patchouli, others incorporate sweeter, milder notes.

Lots of choices

Some Polo colognes come in multiple sizes that make it convenient for you to find the quantity that suits your needs. Whether you wear cologne daily, occasionally or for special nights out, you can find a suitable size. You can even choose different Polo perfumes for separate occasions.

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