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Ponytail holders

Ponytail holders secure ponytail hairstyles and prevent damage from rubber bands or other makeshift styling devices. These hair appliances are typically made of elastic or plastics and fit snugly over hair without pulling or damaging hair fibers. Many holders are designed to avoid tugging and binding to reduce any pain from hairstyle movement or shifting. Regular use of ponytail holders can protect hair while keeping hairstyles from slipping or easily becoming undone.

Ponytail holder variations

Size and color are the most common variants of ponytail holders. Smaller holders work well for tight fits and carefully bound designs, while larger ones add fashionable flair to a look. Colors typically exist in a wide range, with primary colors and pastels appearing regularly. The fabrics or plastics used in the holder design will also determine their use. Plastic holders are common with long-lasting hairstyles, while elastic-based fabric can easily be adjusted or shifted as needed.

Choosing the right hairstyle holder for you

These hair accessories slip over hair and are twisted into place to create unique hair designs. The right hairstyle holder should not cause pain when worn or cause frayed or loose ends. Experiment with different ponytail holders to find the one that best fits snugly without breaking hair or pinching. Try different options if you find loose hair or experience any pain when you remove the holder. Other options include barrettes, jaw clips and hair bands.