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Portable air purifiers

If you'd like to freshen the air in an indoor space, choose a portable air purifier that can trap particles such as dust, dirt and pet hair. The compact size of some of these air purifiers allows you to move them from room to room as needed, or easily take them to your office or workplace. Portable air purifiers are made with HEPA filters to offer reliable performance.

Selecting a purifier

Choose your portable air purifier in your favorite color, or select one that matches your d�cor. You can even keep your HEPA air purifier next to your bed at night, since they can be whisper-quiet. These home air purifiers are simple to operate and feature an ambient blue night light that you can turn on and off.

Additional options

Besides compact portable air purifiers, you have other options for keeping the air around you clean. You'll find larger house air purifiers that can eliminate odors from smoke and pets. Others can trap germs to help keep your family healthy. Some indoor air purifiers are even wall-mountable for convenience and style.