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Portable CD players

Take your favorite music with you for your own enjoyment or to share with others. We carry portable CD players for use with headphones, as well as boombox CD systems that are easy to transport. Choose from different colors, sizes and brands such as Sony, Jensen and JVC here at Walgreens.com. Also, decide whether you'd like a portable stereo that includes AM/FM radio.

Options and accessories

In addition to stereo CD players, there are other ways to enjoy your music on-the-go. You'll find MP3 players with different storage capacities, as well as portable speakers that you can use with your music player. Docking stations can charge your device as they play music. Headphone options include ear bud headphones as well as noise-canceling headphones.

Portable entertainment

For your other media, browse our electronics section, which includes portable DVD players, eReader accessories and iPod accessories. You can connect to wireless internet on the go with touchscreen tablets in a variety of compact sizes. Gaming products and accessories are also here, as well as batteries, cameras and navigation systems for your travels.