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Portable Dvd Players

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Portable DVD players

Use a portable dvd player during long car rides and overnight visits with relatives and friends. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect one for you. offers DVD players from brands like Sony, JVC and Coby.

Why you can use a dvd player for travel

A portable DVD player is the perfect way to entertain children and other passengers during a long car ride or airplane flight. It can play burned DVDs from the computer, and may be able to save movies to disk. If you primarily use normal DVDs that are purchased from a store, any portable dvd player will work for you. If you like to burn discs and make your own movie DVDs, you might want to check to see that the video card can read your type of DVD in the player.

DVD player sizes

Portable dvd players are great for showing a movie for entertainment, but the screen size may be a deciding factor in how well you can view your video. Some dvd screens can be as small as five inches, while other screens could be up to 10 or 11 inches across, so as to allow more people to view the movie at one time. Portable dvd players come in a variety of colors, with the most popular being white, black and red.

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