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Portable LCD TVs

Portable LCD TVs are great for watching your favorite shows, news or sports broadcasts no matter where you go. The screen size may range from under three inches up to 10 inches, depending on the model. They are great for keeping kids busy during road trips, camping trips and sporting events. There are multiple portable LCD TV options from Jensen available here on Walgreens.com.

Choosing a portable TV

Before looking at portable LCD TVs, decide on the specific size you want and consider what you will be using your TV for. If you plan to watch DVDs or play video games on your portable TV, you will need a set that has hook ups for a DVD player or video game console. If you plan to carry your TV around with you a lot, you might look for one with a smaller screen so you can slip it into a pocket, briefcase, or purse.

Compact TV accessories

If you plan to purchase a portable TV, you might want to also get headphones or ear buds so that you don't bother others while you watch your show or movie. Earphones come in multiple styles and colors, so you can find one that matches your personal style. Other more essential accessories for portable LCD TVs include carrying cases and cleaning cloths.