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Portable Wheelchair Ramps

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Portable wheelchair ramps

Accessibility can be a challenge when you use a wheelchair. Venturing out to unknown places might leave you apprehensive, wondering if you will be able to get in and out of the location safely. Perhaps when you visit a friend or family member's home, you have to face unnavigable obstacles, such as steps. Rather than avoiding places because of steps or other obstacles, you can purchase a portable wheelchair ramp, which improves accessibility in even the seemingly least-accessible places. The portable wheelchair ramps available at Walgreens are an affordable investment, allowing you to simplify access and movement when you are using your wheelchair. These ramps come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing you to find one as small or as large as you need. Consider how you will use the wheelchair ramp, a factor that will allow you to determine the size and style that is appropriate for your needs.

Features of portable wheelchair ramps

The convenience of a portable wheelchair ramp is based on its ability to fold. Portable wheelchair ramps fold in a number of ways-you may choose a single-fold ramp or a multifold ramp. Many of these ramps can be carried like a suitcase, making them easily portable. Size varies widely as well. You can select a portable wheelchair ramp that is as short as 12 inches long, which might help you maneuver over a small step, or one that is 5 feet long, which helps you bypass several steps. These ramps may also be useful in helping you get your wheelchair from the ground to the car. Portable wheelchair ramps available at Walgreens have a number of safety features as well. Closure straps lock the panels together, while the surface of the ramps is made with an anti-slip, high traction surface to maximize safety. Security pins for the ramp are another layer of protection to ensure it remains intact and operates effectively. If maneuverability is a problem when you're at home or out, consider purchasing a portable wheelchair ramp. With many sizes and styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

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