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Potassium Supplements

If you want to stay in good health, you should have a sufficient intake of minerals, including potassium supplements. Sodium and potassium are two of the most important minerals found in your body. They participate in heart muscle contraction, nerve signaling and other processes. Consider taking high potassium supplements to prevent heart rhythm disorders, since potassium deficiency can cause cardiovascular problems. Dietary potassium supplements are also recommended if you participate in high-intensity athletic training.

Potassium is essential for a healthy heart

Although sodium and potassium usually work together in nerves and in the heart muscle, sodium deficiency in the diet is rarely a problem. You probably use salt when you prepare food, and salt is a sodium compound. However, potassium insufficiency is not uncommon, and you may be at risk if you do not eat enough fresh vegetables and fruits. Low potassium is harmful for your heart muscle function, so choose a healthy potassium source, such as potassium chloride supplements or potassium gluconate supplements, which are both safe and clinically tested.