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Powder Foundation Makeup

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Powder foundation makeup

A popular part of makeup routines, foundation can set your face up for lasting application of other cosmetics, reduce shine and keep skin looking fresh. Powder foundation can give you the coverage and color you want with the soft texture of powder that's lightweight and non-greasy. CoverGirl, Maybelline and Neutrogena offer foundation in a variety of shades, formulas and application methods here at

A powder foundation for you

Choose from pressed powder foundation and loose mineral foundation in a wide range of shades to give you the coverage you desire. There are even powder foundations that are formulated to not irritate sensitive skin. In addition to powder foundation makeup, you also can find other makeup products here such as liquid foundation, concealer, and even tinted moisturizer. Have your beauty routine at the ready with cosmetics found here at

Applicators for your favorite cosmetics

Help make your foundation and other makeup looks its best with an applicator that fits your needs. Choose from sponges, wedges or a variety of cosmetic brushes in multiple sizes for different areas of the face. You'll also find cotton balls and swabs for use with many cosmetics, from cover-up to eyeshadow.

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