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Pre Shave Washes

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Pre-shave washes

Pre-shave wash is designed for you to clean your face before you begin your morning shaving routine. With regular use, this wash will help clear out your pores by eliminating oil and dead skin. It has the added benefit of softening your facial hair, which helps your razor give you a closer shave. There are pre-shave washes from a number of well-known brands at such as Gillette and Every Man Jack.

Choosing the right wash for you

Finding the right pre-shave wash depends on your personal preferences. If you are sensitive to fragrances, you may find a fragrance-free gel works best for you. Some pre-shave wash brands come in the form of a scrub, providing more of an exfoliating feel for your face. Still, there are many brands that offer a pre-shave wash that comes in a simple liquid form.

Other shaving products to consider

In addition to using quality aftershave gel formulations it is worth making sure the products you use before and during shaving are also the right ones for you. Pre-shave lotions are also available, which may help you reduce the effort you need to use with your razor while shaving. Using fresh, sharp razor blades is also important to minimize the number of passes over a section of skin necessary for a complete shave.

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