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Pressed powder make-up

Pressed powder make-up is a popular part of daily make-up routines. Pressed powder can reduce shine and keep your skin looking fresh all day. Whether you choose to use a pressed powder as a foundation or to set up your make-up, you'll have a jump start on creating flawless, natural-looking and evenly tinted skin. Here at Walgreens.com we've got all your favorite brands, including L'Oreal, Revlon and Maybelline, and you can find the shade that best suits you.

The tried and true pressed powder make-up

Pressed powder make-up comes in colors and formulas for all skin types. It can help reduce redness and potentially improve your skin clarity, tone and texture. Pressed powder make-up can also help control unwanted blemishes or flaws. Pressed powder compacts have the added benefit of being portable which makes touch-ups while you're away from home convenient.