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Puffy Eyes

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Puffy eyes

The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, but you can see a reduction in puffy eye problems by using different products. You might have puffy eyes because you didn't get enough sleep, exposure to allergens or damage to the blood vessels. Walgreens offers a range of puffy eye treatments from brands like Garnier.

Eye puffiness reducers

Eye puffiness reducers are any type of product that improves puffy skin around your eyes. A puff eye roller is just one example. These small device has medicated lotion inside, and it features a soft roller on one end. When you roll the device around your eyes, it pushes the lotion into the skin, which can reduce puffy eyes. If you have a large amount of puffy skin, you might try an eye mask that contains cooling ingredients inside. The eye mask reduces the inflammation around your eyes, which can cause the puffy skin. You can also find eye creams and lotions designed for use around the eyes. These creams and lotions slowly tighten the skin, which eliminates your puffy eyes.

Red eye treatment

When you have puffy eyes and red eyes, it might indicate an allergy problems. Eye drops are a simple way to treat the redness you notice in your eyes. You might find that the skin appears swollen because you keep rubbing your red eyes. You can also find lubricating drops that reduce dryness in your eyes. If you have puffy eyes because you keep rubbing your dry eyes, you need a product like lubricating drops.

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