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Pureology Conditioner

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Pureology Conditioner

For the best and brightest in professional hair care, look no further than Pureology Conditioner. Created expressly for spa and salon professionals and their discerning clients, the world of Pureology is perfect for people who love their hair color and want to use gentle, effective products to retain their hair's vibrancy and health.

Caring for the Needs of Your Hair

Everybody wants to look like their hair has just received special salon treatment. With Pureology Conditioner, you can achieve the glowing, radiant look you want without having to go to a spa or salon.

Pureology Conditioner has a broad selection of formulas designed especially for you, whether your hair needs a serious volume boost, a thorough cleansing to remove built-up residue, deep hydration, damaged hair repair and strengthening, color protection or daily frizz control. With the right Pureology Conditioner you can take control of your hair, safeguard your color and feel confident each day.

What Makes Pureology Special

Pureology products are crafted with care and have many benefits for the environment as well as your hair. Pureology is committed to addressing the world's water shortage issues by decreasing water pollution and water consumption related to formulating, manufacturing and packaging. The brand is a leader in advocating for sustainability. All bottles are completely recyclable. Pureology does not test its products on animals.

There are Pureology conditioners in a variety of formulas to deliver custom care for virtually any type of hair. Free from sulfates and made from 100% vegan plant extracts, your hair will be gently cleansed while ensuring that your color is enhanced and retained for as long as possible. Essential antioxidants are used along with sunscreens to defend against fading.

Love Your Color

If you enjoy having natural-looking colored hair or love to make a statement with a new and daring hue whenever the mood strikes you, it's important to use a gentle, trustworthy product to keep your color strong, beautiful and long-lasting. Protect and perfect your precious hair color every day with Pureology Conditioner.

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