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Radio Cd Players

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Radio CD Players

Make your CDs portable with radio CD players available here at Walgreens. Your music can go with you wherever you are, whether you're hosting a party, hosting a backyard barbecue, or headed to the beach. Keep your favorite tunes nearby, thanks to radio CD players that feature plenty of user-friendly features. Evaluate these products to decide which one is best for your music-listening needs.

Functional Features

Radio CD players allow you to play your favorite music using a number of methods. Your favorite CDs no longer need to be loaded on an MP3 player. Now, with radio CD players, you can make those CDs just as portable. Compact disks can be loaded into the player for instant access to your music. These radio CD players often include an LCD display, allowing you to easily navigate from one track to the next. Some of these players even have the capability to save your favorite tracks so that you can listen to your top tunes with ease. Additionally, many of these radio CD player systems can play both CD-R and CD-RW varieties.


Also built into these players are AM/FM radios, which add some variety to your music-listening options. Pick up your favorite local stations with a rotary telescopic antenna, which ensures you enjoy crystal clear reception no matter the station you choose. Many radio CD players are compatible with stereo headphones, which can minimize music for others while you still enjoy your favorite tunes. If you're looking for a highly portable device, choose one with a built-in handle, which makes transporting it a breeze.

Dual-Disc Players

Music lovers might prefer dual-disc radio CD players, which allow you to play your favorite tunes in a number of ways. These high-tech units feature two CD players, allowing you to load even more music into the player at once. Pull out your classic cassette tapes, which can also play on this multifunctional player. A digital auxiliary input jack allows you to attach your iPod, MP3 player, or any other digital audio player into this device, thereby increasing your music library. Perfect for everyday listening or entertaining, these dual-disc players can be attached to speakers for excellent sound quality and volume.

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