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When it was launched in 2008, RapidLash was the first eyelash serum to be introduced to the mass market. Since then it has remained at the forefront of beauty technology, bringing long, lustrous eyelashes within the grasp of everyone who uses these innovative preparations.

Gorgeous Lashes and Brows

Your eyelashes and eyebrows frame your eyes, drawing attention to an expressive and attractive area of your face. To keep your lashes and brows looking at their best, beauty experts recommend that you nourish and condition them. By ensuring that your lashes and brows are hydrated and provided with essential nutrients, you can help to prevent them falling out or breaking. The RapidLash collection delivers nourishment where your lashes and brows need it most. These transparent, fragrance-free formulas are suitable for use by both women and men.

Beneficial Vitamins

The RapidLash collection contains a number of beneficial vitamins that nurture your eyelashes and eyebrows. Biotin, also known as pro-vitamin B7, nourishes each strand of hair to help them remain healthy and youthful. Panthenol, also known as vitamin B5, locks in moisture and nutrients to improve the appearance and condition of your lashes and brows. Amino acids and polypeptides boost levels of protein and help to prevent breakage, enabling your eyelashes to grow long and strong.

Support from Nature

Natural ingredients, such as soybean oil and pumpkin seed extract, are found within products in the RapidLash range. Soybean oil adds an attractive sheen to your lashes and brows, enabling them to catch the light and enhancing their natural luster. Vitamin-rich pumpkin seed extract nourishes and balances the lashes and brows, helping them appear gorgeous every day.

Fully Tested by Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists

The eye area is extremely sensitive. Every RapidLash product is fully tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure that they will not irritate the eyes. These innovative products are free from unnecessary chemicals, such as parabens, which have the potential to irritate sensitive skin.

Everyday Solutions

Brought to you by Rocasuba, the RapidLash collection is a simple, once-a-day solution to help address sparse and fragile eyelashes. Rocasuba prides itself in providing affordable and effective products that resolve life's cosmetic inconveniences.

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