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Receiving Blankets

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Receiving blankets

Receiving blankets are an essential item for any new parent. These cuddly, cozy blankets are designed to keep a newborn baby protected from the elements while also providing a precious keepsake to hand down to future generations. Brands like Piccolo Bambino make these blankets, focusing on your baby's comfort and warmth all made in a cute, cuddly package.

Choosing baby gifts

Receiving blankets are an ideal baby gift because all new parents need at least a few of them. These blankets tend to be square and fairly small, so they are not generally suitable for older children or adults. If buying a receiving blanket as a baby shower gift, consider the softness of the material. Sensitive newborn skin needs an ultra-soft blanket, such as a flannel blanket. You should also consider the color of the blanket. Some parents want gender-neutral colors, such as green, while other parents want pink or blue. Receiving blankets with a cute pattern or accompanying stuffed animal are popular as baby shower gifts.

Using receiving blankets

The most common use for a receiving blanket is to cuddle or swaddle the newborn to keep him or her warm and cozy. However, there are other things you can do with receiving blankets as well. You can toss a receiving blanket on the floor or on a changing table to use as a convenient changing pad for diaper changes. Some parents use receiving blankets as burp cloths, throwing them over a shoulder when burping the baby after a feeding. Because of their multiple uses, receiving blankets often come in a pack of three to five blankets so parents always have one available.

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