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Rechargeable Electric Shavers

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Rechargeable electric shavers

Use a rechargeable electric shaver to get a close shave anywhere, anytime. Rechargeable shavers can last for years, so you will never have to worry about keeping a disposable razor or shaving cream on hand. offers electric shavers from brands like Panasonic, Wahl and Emerson.

Different kinds of electric shavers

There are many different models of electric shavers. Men's shavers are designed to tackle coarse facial hair, while women's shavers are designed for underarms, legs and bikini areas. In addition to different models for men and women, there are two main kinds of electric shavers: foil cutters and rotary style. Foil cutters are known for their ability to provide a close shave using multiple blades contained within the foil head. Rotary shavers are popular because of their pivoting heads. Each pivoting head conforms to the nooks and crannies of a man's face and neck, making it possible to shave hard-to-reach areas.

Accessories for rechargeable electric shavers

People who enjoy getting the most of their shavers may enjoy a fully stocked electric shaver kit. These kits usually include tools to help people trim areas of facial hair that they don't shave, like mustaches. There are many different tools that come with each kit, including shaver heads for stylized cuts, combs and trimming scissors. Another accessory that is commonly paired with rechargeable electric shavers is electric shaving treatment. This aftershave is designed to provide relief from the irritation that some people experience from electric razors.

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