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Revlon Hair Color

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Revlon hair color

Enhance the hair color nature gave you or totally transform your look with Revlon hair color products. Instead of heading to a salon, get professional and stylish results in the comfort of your own home. The Revlon hair color line proves that you don't need a hefty price tag to get glamorous, colorful results.

Permanent color treatments

When you are ready to update your look, choose a Revlon hair color treatment that will give you bold, permanent and natural-looking color. Whether you are a blonde, brunette or redhead, Revlon permanent hair color is formulated so it won't leave residue. Each permanent color dye kit includes all the products you need for safe, quick application, so you can cover gray or go from light to dark overnight for a totally newe look.

Highlighting kits

If you want to boost your color or add a subtle lightening effect, try Revlon hair color products that highlight or frost your hair without full coverage. Look for a highlighting kit that lets you choose the placement of your hair highlights, whether you want a subtle face framing look or all over highlights. Frosting kits let you easily lighten and brighten your look.

Choosing a hair color product

Your Revlon hair color product should match your personality, whether you want dark, sultry hair or sunny blonde locks. Cover up gray hair to maintain a youthful look or go bold with a color you've always secretly wanted. Revlon color treatments and Revlon highlighting kits are designed to give you natural-looking results and soft, healthy, nourished hair, no matter what your hair type or style.

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