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Revlon Hair Dryers

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Revlon Hair Dryers

Made by the company known for enriching its customers' lives with color and beauty for decades, Revlon Hair Dryers make it easy and effective to get the look you want right in your own home.

Ionic Technology

Revlon Hair Dryers have a number of features to make your life easier. Dryers with ionic technology can be the ideal choice for people who want smoother, sleeker hair with less damage and faster drying time. Dryers with infrared and ceramic technology distribute heat evenly and quickly, creating smooth, shiny hair.

Wattage and Settings

Revlon Hair Dryers have a variety of heat settings and fan speeds to choose from so you can give your hair a light dry, provide a cool burst to set your style, take care of your hair with a gentle heat setting, or use the maximum temperature to help you shape your hair more precisely. Dryers with higher wattage are more heavy duty than others, and there are low-wattage models for people who need less power.

Useful Features

Revlon understands that your time is valuable. The company offers many different features to help make styling as easy and convenient as possible and make the most out of your beauty routine. The designs are deceptively simple but cleverly effective.

Attention to detail is apparent with a hanging ring for convenient storage, retractable cords in some models, and small versions with a folding handle for tucking into your luggage when you go on vacation.

The removable end cap on various models allows you easy access to the appliance for cleaning and maintenance so that you can extend the life of your dryer. The ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold, the buttons are in a good place to reach while using the appliance, and it is lightweight enough for easy handling.

Some dryers come with a finger diffuser attachment for drying hair gently without disturbing the style. Others have a concentrator attachment for precision styling. There is even a portable soft bonnet feature for drying your hair carefully with a constant air flow, helping to retain moisture and reducing the risk of hair breakage.

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