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Revlon Hair Straighteners

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Revlon Hair Straighteners

If you've always dreamed of having salon-perfect straight hair, Revlon hair straighteners will give you the professional results you admire and long for. Simple yet effective for straightening and shaping your hair into various styles, Revlon hair straighteners have been designed with you in mind.

Special Features

Revlon knows that everyone's hair requires different treatment. Revlon Hair Straighteners come in a wide range to ensure that there will be an appliance to suit your needs.

Variable heat settings allow you to style hair of any texture and thickness. Fine hair usually only needs low heat, wavy hair may do better on a medium setting, and thick tresses respond best to a higher heat level.

Made with the benefits of the latest advances in science and technology, Revlon Hair Straighteners heat up rapidly for almost instant action. The plates emit constant heat at the temperature of your choice, penetrating into each strand of hair quickly to reduce the risk of damage and dryness. You can achieve the smooth, sleek look you are after while still maintaining shiny, healthy hair.

Compact and easy to store, Revlon Hair Straighteners will fit into your luggage when you are traveling. The swivel cord is designed to be tangle-free, and the appliance is light and easy to manipulate.

Revlon Cares about Your Hair

For decades, Revlon has been a trendsetter in the world of beauty. Revlon provides glamorous, innovative and useful products to consumers around the world, and sponsors and supports organizations committed to helping women. Appliances like Revlon Hair Straighteners are made to the highest standards so you know they are safe and dependable.

Only the Best for Your Hair

Whether you want to smooth out your naturally curly or wavy hair, banish your frizz for a sleek look, or create straight locks with a precise and carefully sculpted finish, Revlon has the right straightener for you. Perfect as a gift for someone you love, a tool to help you create a new look for a special occasion, or a reliable appliance for everyday use, you can't go wrong with Revlon Hair Straighteners.

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