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Revlon Nail Polish

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Revlon nail polish

Choose from different shades, formulas and finishes to find the Revlon nail polish to help you accessorize for any occasion. This trusted beauty brand is here at with various types of features such as scented nail polish and fast dry nail polish. Whether you're looking for a sparkly satin, a rich matte or both, you can find Revlon nail polish that resists chipping for a lasting sleek look.

Choosing your colors

Accessorize each season with a nail color palette in subtle autumn tones or vibrant summer shades. Go with a translucent color that will go with almost any outfit, or try a dark hue that gives your ensemble a little extra something. If you prefer to do your own French manicures, look for a natural pink or tan and a bright, clear white. You can even add interest to your manicure with a glittery top coat.

Caring for your nails

Not all top coats are for looks. Some are made to help your nail color dry faster, while others help the color last longer. If you're interested in conditioning nail treatments, browse our selection of base and top coats and more that can help with nail growth, strengthening and whitening. We also carry nail polish remover that gently rubs away your color anytime you'd like a change.

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