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Revlon Perfume

Revlon perfumes have been the go-to fragrances for women since the brand introduced one of its earliest fragrances, Jean Nate perfume. Women loved this sophisticated scent for everyday wear, and they still do. But it was Charlie Perfume that became the number-one fragrance in the world, and it still remains a requested favorite by women of all ages.

More Charlie to Love

The popularity of Charlie perfume may have to do with its top notes of lemon buds, along with peach and hyacinth, and base notes that include cedar, musk, and sandalwood. Women are drawn to its fresh, woodsy and floral scent. But it was on the heels of Charlie that Revlon launched Charlie Blue. This flowery fragrance combines citrus with floral notes, musk, and oriental jasmine to give you an out-of-the shower, fresh scent that lasts all day.

But Revlon didn't stop with just two Charlie perfumes. It introduced Charlie Red years later, followed by Charlie Gold, and Charlie Sunshine. These scents can brighten any woman's day. Later, Charlie Silver was an instant success with its rich top notes of musk. And the latest sweet-smelling and super-refreshing Charlie perfume is Charlie White.

Other Revlon Fragrant Delights

Revlon perfume isn't just about Charlie. Revlon has continued to stay in the forefront, developing scents that women love. Downtown Girl is a Revlon perfume that gives you a tough, self-confident attitude and at the same time nurtures your femininity. And the intoxicating fragrance of Electric Youth remains appealing to the younger generation, as does Pink Happiness. When Fire and Ice debuted, it wasn't long until men wanted their own version of this clean, woodsy scent. She, Lasting, Jontue, and Ajee Perfume are among the many Revlon fragrance creations that continue to delight women with unique, feminine aromas that stay with you all day or all night.

Revlon Cares

Revlon, along with its strategic alliances, has raised millions of dollars for women's health organizations. Revlon cares about providing women with quality cosmetics and beauty products and ensuring that they stay healthy in order to enjoy them.