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Revlon Straightener

Sleek, straight tresses do not always come naturally. Revlon Straighteners can help to turn hair of any texture into a smoother and straighter look. Several styles of Revlon Straighteners are available here at Walgreens. These straighteners offer a variety of features that can benefit hair that is fine and thin, wavy, or thick and hard to straighten. Curls and waves don't stand a chance when you add Revlon Straighteners to your hair care toolbox.

Types of Straighteners

Walgreens offers Revlon Straighteners in a number of styles. The construction and makeup of the straightener define its style. Some Revlon Straighteners feature plates made of ceramic which are easy to clean and provide constant heat to the hair follicles, helping to straighten them. Others have a tourmaline ceramic barrel, which works to seal the cuticle and minimize frizz. Revlon Straighteners with nano diamond plates glide through the hair easily, allowing for smooth styling with high-intensity heat. Finally, you can also find straighteners that feature titanium plates, which transfer heat quickly and lead to results in a matter of seconds.

User-Friendly Features

Regardless of the type of product you choose, Revlon Straighteners are equipped with a variety of features that make styling at home simple. These straighteners heat up quickly in as little as 30 seconds. Some straighteners even feature digital temperature control, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of the tool. Other straighteners offer variable heat settings, allowing you to choose high or low heat depending on your hair type and needs. With many Revlon Straighteners, you can turn the heat as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal straightening.

Convenient on/off switches and an auto shutoff maximize the safety of these Revlon Straighteners. An on indicator light makes it obvious that the straightener is hot. True grip clamps make the straightener comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Impressive Results

When you use Revlon Straighteners, you can smooth each hair cuticle and promote moisture retention while using heat to penetrate hair follicles. The result will be tresses that are sleeker, smoother, and straighter than ever before. Say goodbye to frizz and flyaways and hello to a sleeker style.