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Revlon Mascara

In 1932 Revlon put its name firmly on the map as a game changer in the beauty industry. Since then it has become known as a company devoted to bringing color into the lives of women all over the world.

Revlon has always kept pace with the progress of women through the decades, showing that it cares by partnering with various organizations to support cancer research and treatment.

Recognizing that beauty comes in all shades, Revlon has made it a point to develop quality cosmetics for all women. With affordable but professional Revlon makeup products available in department stores, it became possible for women at home to achieve the glamorous look promoted by high-profile celebrities.

Now Revlon is a major international player in the design and production of cosmetics, and products such as Revlon Mascara are known as trend-setting, modern and popular.

Get the look you want with Revlon Mascara

However you want to enhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes, Revlon has a mascara to give you the effect you are after. Whether you like your lashes primed with luscious fullness, magically transformed and lengthened to perfection, or plumped up with serious volume and luminous shine, gorgeous lashes can be yours instantly.

To match your coloring or give your lashes a deeper hue, you can choose from shades including blackened brown, black, or blackest black, in either waterproof or regular mascara.

Special features

Each different type of Revlon Mascara has a carefully designed brush to help you create eye-catching lashes easily. The lash stretch brush enables you to lengthen the look of your lashes from root to tip. The triple-groove wand has been devised to separate lashes and comb through them, eliminating clumps. The rounded lash-finding brush is perfect for ensuring that each lash is gently coated with mascara for ultimate volume and maximum effect.

The attraction of Revlon Mascara can be found not only in its innovative and effective formula, thoroughly tested by ophthalmologists, but also in the packaging. Like a special gift designed just for you, each tube of Revlon Mascara is luxurious, artistic and elegant.

Optimize your good looks and feel great every day by choosing a Revlon Mascara made with you in mind.