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Rewetting Eye Drops

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Rewetting eye drops

Keep your contact lenses moist and clean with rewetting eye drops during the day to keep your eyes comfortable. There is a wide variety of rewetting eye drops available from leading manufacturers, and we also feature our own money-saving brand. offers several brands like Visine

Lubricating contact lens eye drops

Use rewetting eye drops to relieve dryness or discomfort from contact lenses. We deliver contact lens supplies right to your doorstep, so it is easier than ever to make sure you have enough rewetting eye drops in your home, office and car. We feature rewetting eye drops that can be used for both soft contact lenses and gas permeable contact lens care, and you can use any brand of drops. We also have drops for use only with rigid gas permeable lenses.

What do rewetting eye drops do?

Rewetting eye drops remove small particles of irritating material that accumulate on the surface of your lenses during the day. They also contain lubricating agents that moisturize your contact lenses. They do clean your lenses, but they are not a substitute for contact lens disinfecting solution.

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