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Ribbed Condoms

Stay healthy and prevent pregnancy without sacrificing sexual pleasure. Ribbed condoms provide you and your partner with protection against HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Ribbed latex condoms are textured to increase stimulation and the reservoir tip at the top of each condom gives the wearer extra peace of mind. Lubricated ribbed condoms are designed to maximize your pleasure, and many varieties include spermicide to help prevent pregnancy.

Protecting you from STDs

Both female condoms and male contraceptives are available with ribbed lining and lubrication. Use ribbed condoms properly in order to ensure full protection against STDs and pregnancy. Follow all package directions carefully and purchase the correct size to maintain a snug, secure fit. Your condoms need to be stored at room temperature. Use them every time you have sex for full protection. Form-fitting latex stretches and completely covers most sizes, though various sized condoms are also available to accommodate your needs.