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Roberto Cavalli Perfume

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Roberto Cavalli Perfume

Finding a high-quality fragrance for absolutely any occasion is made easy with the stellar lineup of Roberto Cavalli Perfume products available at Walgreens.

The brand's offerings include excellent choices for both men and women who are looking to accentuate their self-presentation with the perfect alluring aroma.

The Diverse Perfumes and Colognes of Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Perfume offerings include a wide range of fragrance products designed for both women and men, including some of the world's most refined eau de toilette and eau de parfum concoctions.

The aromatic profiles of these fine-crafted colognes and perfumes are remarkably comprehensive. The Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Eau de Toilette, a top-class men's cologne, blends an astonishing palette of botanical hints together: from tobacco and musk to bergamot, vanilla, apple, apricot blossom, coffee bean, amber, and jasmine. This is a fragrance meant for evening wear--the ideal olfactory resonance you want on your side when you step out on the town.

For women, the delicate everyday bouquet of the Roberto Cavalli Serpentine Eau de Parfum Spray offers an alluringly feminine scent. Complex yet unified, this perfume--first introduced in 2005--summons associations of sandalwood, violet, black pepper, mango blossom, Mandarin orange, Artemisia, amber, Tahitian tiare, Frangipani, and Tolu balm in a rich but ethereal fragrance.

A more recent offering (from 2011) is the Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum Spray, a seductive casual scent with an arresting and spicy undertone. Contributing to that redolence are orange blossom, pink pepper, tonka bean, and benzoin.

These and other Roberto Cavalli fragrances all represent decades of acute and sensitive work by a brand long associated with high-end style and bold statements. Take advantage of that expertise and that heritage here at Walgreens.

The Roberto Cavalli Imprint

Roberto Cavalli, an Italian designer, has been operating at the cutting edge of fashion since 1970. The perfumes and colognes his brand turns out are part of a broader family of clothing and accessories internationally recognized for their innovation and glamor.

Whether it's a go-to fragrance for your daily pursuits or an evocatively attention-grabbing aroma for a special evening, the Roberto Cavalli Perfume inventory at Walgreens delivers!

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